Achieving optimum Business Performance

Supporting and Improving your Business Performance is our goal at Phi Solutions. 

"Achieving a direct line of sight, making moves and actions that are all encompassing, Phi Solutions endeavours to do away with all the useless functions that hinder a business' performance and provide solutions that cover all areas in which weaknesses can be exploited."

May it be conflicts in different business processes and systems or misunderstandings in how to comply to business requirements, Phi Solutions focuses on understanding and integrating your business processes with the use of information technology in order to cut out wasted time and energy created by useless or outdated processes. Phi Solutions will work with you to understand your business needs as well and any risks that may occur when implementing changes so that when the implementation is carried out it is done in an all encompassing risk controlled fashion geared towards improving the performance of your organisation.

Our standard approach is as follows:

  1. Work one on one with you, or with a few key personnel, looking at your day to day operations and experiencing how you conduct your business, in order to jointly identify the best ways to improve your processes. This does away with the tedious groupthink sessions and the logistical nightmares in putting all your senior management in a room for extended periods of time, which could cost untold waste in management time and effort, with little, to no effective results. We work with you around what you do, we observe and learn with you, as you go about your day to day operations, together we map out how you do things and what needs to be done in order to make your life easier. 
  2. We establish an implementation plan detailing exactly what needs to be done, how it is done, how long it will take and how much it will cost. All solutions are mapped out for you in the form of a road map keeping you up to date at all times on the progress of your solution. 
  3. We implement solutions incrementally in fully functional units. You will be able to use each and every aspect of the solution process by process. This is very important as it ensures that you can use and test in a live environment and allows us to improve each and every part of of the solution to it's optimum efficiency while you still manage your business. It also gives you the freedom to pace how much automation takes place as you may go through changes and require more or less automation of your processes without forcing you to commit commercially to an entire IT system. 
  4. We then commit to you in terms of continual fast and effective support in terms of hosting, new developments and client specific customisation. There is no wishlist, or proposed ideas box. These scenarios ultimately result in issues that sit around for months waiting for an IT company to finally try and attempt to implement, by outsourcing it to an overseas programmer, who consistently fails to understand your requirements and then charges you through the nose for the privilege. The reason for these situations is that with other IT companies, the IT system is generic and does not match the client's unique requirements. If changes need to made, it changes their entire product which they have sold onto countless other organisations. Phi Solutions creates solutions specific to your organisation, this means that we ensure that the system is made for you and meets your unique requirements. If you require a change or improvement, it is done with minimum time and cost.  

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